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GLTools v4.01 APK Free Download for Android

About GLTools:

You are about to free download GLTools APK for Android. The customization of graphics, rendering and color settings for Android phones are no more an acid task. You can now manage them easily with the help of GLTools. Download the free version GLTools APK from here. Now the control of screen resolution and color settings are on your hands. GLTools Apk only works on rooted devices. So if your Android device is not rooted yet then free download Framaroot Apk by clicking on it. Rooting your phone is a way to unlock the factory settings and use it according to your choice. Once you root your phone then scroll to the bottom of this page. Free download GLTools APK and install it on your smartphones.
This app changes system libraries and does not cause any binary alteration of 3rd party apps. GLTools Apk allows us to access the advanced settings of the Android phone's GPU by configuring the screen graphics. This will really help you out to adjust the screen resolution,  rendering and color settings. GLTools is an OpenGL driver that allows you to take control of GPU equipped with ARM or x86 processors. If you are playing advance games with high graphical demand then believe me GLTools Apk is the best App. This will help you to optimize the performance of the graphics processor. Nowadays, everyone is looking for such type of apps that help them out to control graphics, rendering and color settings. Many of the apps are available on the internet but most of them are paid one. GLTools APK is free to download and it doesn't charge a single penny from you. GLTools Apk is custom Open-GLES i,e proxy driver, that allows you to change graphics resolution, rendering and color settings according to the compatibility of your android device. GLTools download allows you to improve image quality as well.

How to use GLTools APK:

  • Firstly, you need to free Download GLTools Android Apk from here. But if you try to Download it from Google play store then you need to pay for it. Play store will provide you the paid version GLTools Apk.
  • Secondly, you need to root your android device. If your smartphone is not rooted then GLTools will not work.
  • The GLTools APK consists of two different settings i,e Default settings and Custom settings. Now it is up to you which one you would like to choose but we recommend you to choose Custom settings as it provides you more control over TEX(coder).
  • Open the GLTools downloaded app and it will show you the applications that have installed on your device. Select any application you want to customize the graphics setting.
  • By following the steps provided you will easily customize the graphics resolution, rendering and color settings.

Features of GLTools Apk:

  • GLTools allows you to change the resolution quality of image and videos.
  • GLTools v4.01 allows you to change GPU name and lets you enjoy enhanced graphics quality.
  • It lets you take a full grip over textures, rendering and color settings.
  • Change graphics resolution and color settings by this App.
  • GLTools Apk Measure acquired performance with an amazing onscreen FPS counter.
  • It is 100% safe and secured to download and install on smartphones.
  • It is completely virus free and doesn't allow any suspicious element to harm your device.
  • GLTools Apk is completely free to download and it is very simple to use.
  • This app will allow you to enable MSAA and CSAA in any other apps to improve image and graphics quality.

Important points regarding GLTools APK v4.01:

  • Do not backup GLTools before uninstalling and don't forget to disable its custom settings.
  • This app doesn't bear any responsibility for possible damage resulting from the receipt of Root on your device. You do everything at your own risk.
  • While installing GLTools APK on your smartphone, make sure that you have enabled the external source from the security settings otherwise GLTools Apk can't be installed on your phone.
So don't waste a single minute now and be hurry to Download GLTools Apk v4.01 for Android. Scroll down and free Download GLTools APK by clicking the link given. Keep visiting this site(allapkhub) for more Apps and the latest Games.

GLTools information:

Name: GLTools
Version: 4.01
Size: 19.83 MB
Category: Apps


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