Friday, May 25, 2018

AndroRat APK - Free Download(Latest) for Android

AndroRat APK Description:

Today we are going to present you the most amazing App which is known as AndroRat APK. Nowadays every one of us keeps Android phones with them. Our life totally depends on smartphones. So keeping information about Android phones is necessary. But finding such App which reveals all the information regarding Android phones is an issue. Because many Apps are totally useless and irrelevant. But you don't need to worry more. AndroRat APK is really useful App which provides you all the information regarding Android phones just with a single click. So if you want to get information regarding Android phones then grab AndroRat APK - Free Download(Latest) for Android.
Basically, AndroRat APK is remote administration tool for the Android phones. AndroRat is basically a combination of two words Android and Rat (remote access). AndroRat APK  allow you to get the remote access to the Java phones and can help you to get the information of that phone. AndroRat APK is a client/server App which allows you to take control of Android phones in order to get information from it. Four university students have developed AndroRat APK with a purpose to connect Android devices remotely to get information from it. The main purpose of developing AndroRat APK was for security and educational reasons. So please make sure to use AndroRat APK only for educational and security purposes. AndroRat APK reveals information regarding Call logs, text messages, pictures, contacts etc. Moreover, AndroRat APK is really useful for the parents because by using it they can monitor their children's activities on their Android devices. So if a person will be using your network can easily be tracked by using AndroRat.

Literally, AndroRat APK will help you to get Access to the Android devices remotely. This tool is created only for the security purposes and you are responsible for misusing of AndroRat. Because AndroRat APK is also used for the hacking proposes as well. You can hack any Android phone by using it. You can get easy access to other's phones and can get information from that phone. For example, you can control other's messages, contacts, call logs, browsing history, location and much more. Moreover, by using this tool you can also use the camera of that particular device and able to take a picture of that person who is using the phone at that time. So don't waste your time and download the APK file of AndroRat. Scroll down and grab AndroRat APK - Free Download(Latest) for Android. Download the APK file of AndroRat and Install it on your android phones. Then you need to create an ID on it. After that, you will be able to get the information from other Android devices.

How to Use AndroRat APK:

  • Firstly, you have to download AndroRat APK on your Android phone.
  • Secondly, you need to create an account by using this application.
  • Then you have to accept all the terms and conditions set by AndroRat.
  • When you confirmed that ID then you will be able to see all those networks which are connected to your network.
  • Put the IP address of that device on AndroRat which you want to hack.
  • Then you will able to see all the things happening on that device.

Features of AndroRat APK:

  • Get complete Call Logs information.
  • Get contacts information.
  • Allow you to monitor all messages.
  • Allow you to check the browsing history.
  • Able to watch live received messages. 
  • Allow you to monitor all received calls, missed calls, and outgoing calls.
  • Allow you to take a picture from other's camera.
  • Allow all these features entirely free.
  • Allow you to control other's Android phones.
  • Advertisement free and least risk of viruses.
  • Will secure your personal information and data.
  • Allow you to watch the things happening on other's device.
  • Reveals complete information about Android devices.

So don't hesitate to Download AndroRat APK on your Android phones. Click the link below and get the APK file of AndroRat. If you found any problem while downloading or the link is not working then please let us know. So that we will put our best to fix the problem. Please share AndroRat APK with your friends so that they can also experience the same and able to get information from their devices as well. Thank you so much for choosing Allapkhub for downloading AndroRat Apk.

AndroRat APK information:

Name: AndroRat
Size: 962KB
Version: 1.2
Developer: DDT
Category: Apps / tools
Price: Free


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